My art career started many years ago. The journey began when I decided to go to manicurist school (’98), in Tulsa, OK. After graduation and getting my license, I attended RHEMA bible training Center, where I graduated in children’s group(’00). While at RHEMA we had a class on Children Church Themes, at the time RHEMA’S Jr. Church was changing the theme to the Flintstones. My class had the opportunity to help paint murals on canvas from 20 ft. long to 60 ft. long and 8 ft. tall. When the painting was all done, I was asked to fix some of the murals because they were to flat. It was an honor. During that time another person from RHEMA Bible Church ask me to do another painting project for a skit at RHEMA. It was a very exciting time.

During the time at RHEMA I continued to work as a manicurist, and after getting married and having children and moving back to Nevada. My first Hair and Nail Conference in Las Vegas, NV I enter in Nailymics a nail competition in the category of Fantasy Nail Art. This was my first competition. Excited about the competition and not expecting anything I took 2nd place. Immediately after that competition a nail product company, Nubar, ask if I would like to be an educator for nail art. Within one month I was back in Las Vegas, NV for educator training. The next six years, I traveled and taught other nail techs how to do nail art. Within that time with Nubar some of my nail art and acrylic nails have been published threw Nubars’ advertising.

With desire to finish my Management degree(’10), I decided to go back to college as an adult. With credits I accumulated at a young age it would be easy for me to get an AAS in Business Management. So off to a new adventure, this led to an interesting path. As I was taking the required classes, I decided to take a print media class. This class included Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design. I was very excited and liked working in these programs. As I continued finishing my Business Management degree, I dabbled in graphic programs and photography enjoying them very much. Then I reached my last semester, which was a semester of art classes. But I needed just one more class the only class I could get in was Portraiture, I thought for sure I was in over my head. As the class continued the artist that was inside of me really came out. The instructor told me, “There is one in every class”. I didn’t know if that was a complement or not. Later to find out a huge complement, she wanted me to move to color and advance in the class more, I did but not too much. Yet I did learn a new media, pastel. Pastels are very dusty, right up my isle with my nail tech background. Concluding the best semester, was the art show. I decided to enter in 9 pieces in 5 categories into the art show. Before the judging even started I sold one piece, after the judging, I was told you better get down to the art show. Thinking yay, I received a ribbon. Come to find out I received three 2nd places in three different categories and one honorable mention. That was a great way to end a semester.

Currently I am still a nail tech.  Yet I have designed and manage a growing number of websites. Along with creating logos for ministries and special request for their ministry needs. I have also done a few portraits for families. I am very passionate about my art; I enjoy every part of creating.

Alisha Hill

God gave you an imagination so that you could paint an image of the Word on the canvas of your mind. - Kenneth Copeland


To believe that life is a miracle and all we dream of is within our reach. -Unknown 

The natural and the supernatural coming together make and explosive force for God. -Pastor Kenneth Hagin

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