Price List


Pink & White Acrylic Full Set-$75

Pink & White Acrylic Fill-$45


Colored Glitter/Color Acrylic Full Set-$75

Colored Glitter/Color Acrylic Fill-$45


Gel Pink & White/Color/Glitter Full Set-$75

Gel Pink & White/Color/Glitter Fill-$45


Colored Gel Polish-$35


Stilettos/Coffen/Ballerina Full Set-$75

Stilettos/Coffen/Ballerina Fill-$45


Spa Manicure-$25

Spa Pedicure-$55


Gel toes-$30

Gel toes with Spa Pedicure-$70



I have been a nail manicurist since 1998. Specializing in pink and white acrylic, color acrylic, glitter acrylic, gel nails and nail art. Working in Tulsa, Ok, I found a mentor who helped be become a Master Nail tech threw Creative Nail Design. Moving back to Nevada I was approached to become a nail educator for Nubar. I accept, in the 6 years of education for Nubar, I enjoyed traveling to different cities and teaching other nails tech the latest “new thing” in nail design. During my time with Nubar, my nail art, acrylic nails has been published in Nails magazine. One year I competed in Nailymics in Fantasy Nail art division, first time competing and I took 2nd place. I was so excited. Today I still keep up with the latest trend, by attending Hair and Nail conferences and by taking classes. I enjoy my job, it is one of my many passions.

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Nailymics Competion

Nail Art

Alisha Hill

God gave you an imagination so that you could paint an image of the Word on the canvas of your mind. - Kenneth Copeland


To believe that life is a miracle and all we dream of is within our reach. -Unknown 

The natural and the supernatural coming together make and explosive force for God. -Pastor Kenneth Hagin

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